Case Study 1

Rapid Quality Control

Authentication of Product

ProfilePrint™ technology was developed to address the fragmented food ingredient industry’s challenges of rampant adulteration, quality inconsistencies and taste inaccuracies.

Verticals: Our technology is applicable for dried food products; including Tea, Coffee, Grains, Herbs, Spices, Cacao, as well as liquids and non-organic materials.

Food product: Coffee
Objective: Determination of origin
Results: ProfilePrint™ was able to match and detect all the origins of raw beans accurately.

Coffee Beans
Coffee Origin Authentication Table
Cacao bar and powder in bowl

Case Study 2

Consistency Assurance

Maintaining a Gold Standard

Food product: Cacao flavouring
Objective: Cacao grading and quality control


  • Speed and Accuracy Instead of visually inspecting, which is inaccurate, or tasting which requires time to prepare, ProfilePrint™ only requires a few seconds to ascertain its quality accurately.
  • Knowledge Management Even if the QC manager leaves the company, the knowledge is retained in the A.I. model generated with the training data from the QC manager.
Cacao Flavouring Quality Check Table

Case Study 3

Taste Profiling

Blend Best-Match Ingredients

Food product: Tea
Objective: Taste Profiling and lowest cost optimisation


  • Rapidly predicts taste profiles and blend ratio to achieve closest match in taste and quality.
  • More accurate and cost-effective than using human-tasters.
  • Significant cost savings for producers.
Pots and cups filled with assorted green tea
Graph of Tea Taste Profiles