how to apply metabolomic foodtech to detect food fraud


Key Advantages

  • Speed and Accuracy:
    ProfilePrint™ takes a few seconds to ascertain quality without the need of human-tasting.
  • Knowledge Management:
    Experience is retained in the A.I. model learnt from the experts
  • Portability:
    Web-based software with a device easily hand-carried in a travel bag.


supply Chain Stages

Ensuring Quality Check and Product
Consistency at each supply chain stages

  1. Procurement
    Digitally matches required quality instead of physical samples
  2. Acceptance check
    Verification by supplier before shipping
  3. Ingredient check
    Buyer conducts quality check prior to production
  4. Blend optimisation
    Recommend blends to achieve target profiles
  5. End-product check
    Conducts quality check prior to shipment
ProfilePrint Supply Chain Stages